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Nagarao Island Resort

  Address: San Isidro
Sibunag Guimaras
  Telephone No.: (033) 3202186  
  Telephone No.: (033) 3290078  
  Telefax: (033) 3202186  
  Mobile number: 09189080730  
Published Room Rates
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Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

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2016-10-25 06:10:26
Beverly says:

Room rates ?

2011-10-02 19:58:15
Maria Jesusa says:

Hi! Can i ask for your room rates? Do you accept reservations? And how we could send you the payment?

2011-03-16 17:44:20
Jerry says:

Good day! Id like to inquire your rates for April 21-23, 2011 for 4 persons aircon room. Need your reply please ASAP. Thanks

2011-03-16 17:36:16
michelle says:

good day! just want to inquire how much will it cost for 2 persons for 3d 2n stay in an air conditioned room. (cheapest rate pls!) the dates is still tentative but our target date is from dec 1-6, 2010. thanks!

2011-03-15 18:06:29
Jay says:

I've been here and intended to stay for two nights. My friend and I paid as follows: PhP2100/per night per person x 2 persons x 2 nights = PhP 8,400 + PhP3000 for transfer from Ortiz Port to Jordan Wharf, then van to another wharf, then another boat ride to Nagarao, and then back. Nagarao is a disgrace to the tourism industry of Guimaras. They charge exhorbitantly for the dilapidated facilities and god-foresaken beach they offer! There is no white sand beach. There are only rocks along the beach. There is no electricity in the morning and afternoon, contrary to their representation that their cottages are solar-powered. As the generator is turned on only until 10pm, you will surely wake up early morning bathing in sweat. The toilet flush doesn't work properly. The drainage is clogged. Tap water smells like the sewers. All other facilities, as advertised, are all false - no small community, no chapel, no tennis court, no table tennis. There were ants and mosquitoes in the food they prepared. Because of the foregoing, my friend and I could no longer stay for another night. It was clear false advertisement and willful fraud! Instead of asking for a refund of total amount we paid, we only asked for a refund for the one night we did not use (a total of PhP4200). We thought, maybe this would be more diplomatic. Ms. Hellen REFUSED! We explained about the problems we encountered. After a few hours, we received a text message from Judith, her assistant, that they are refunding only PhP2100. It's like a take it or leave it deal! The gall!!! NEVER GO TO NAGARAO!!! This is a warning to everyone who intends to enjoy their vacation in Guimaras. For the Guimaras tourism board, do something about this! Nagarao's license to operate should be revoked! Its continued operation puts the whole tourism industry in a bad light. You know word-of-mouth is very important in tourism.

2011-03-14 18:16:28
rhitz says:

Hi! We are planning a trip to Guimaras this coming end of august. Can you e-mail me a complete list of your room rates, as well as of the quotation for activities such as boating/island hopping? There will only be 2 of us and we are planning to stay overnight, but we might extend our stay. We will be coming from Bacolod. Can you also advise us how to get there and approximately how much would it cost us to reach your place?Kindly e-mail me for the details. Thanks!

2011-03-14 18:15:05
Car says:

please give me contact numbers...friends and i are planning to go there next weekend thanks!

2011-03-14 18:15:05
marla says:

Can u send me rates.. Good for 2-5 person package. Need ASAP. Thanks!

2011-03-14 18:14:04
rechee says:

good day, my officemates and i are planning to go at guimaras this weekend may 22, 2010. and where looking for a resorts. can you please send me the room rates and types of room in your resorts. ASAP if possible... thanks...

2011-03-14 18:14:04
rechee says:

good day, my officemates and i are planning to go guimaras this weekend may 22, 2010. and where looking for a resorts. can you please send me the room rates and types of room in your resorts. ASAP if possible... thanks...

2011-03-14 18:13:29
ma. aila says:

the place is so lovely!! me and my boyfriend are planning to spend our weekend there. please e-mail me the room rates and instructions to go there from guimaras wharf..

2011-03-14 18:13:29
sheirry says:

please email me ur room rates please thanks...

2011-03-14 18:10:56
cm says:

hi can you pls send me your room rates? and how to get there.. thanks

2011-03-14 18:07:12
june says:

hi! may i ask for room rates and details how to get there? thanks! =)

2011-03-14 18:06:55
michelle says:

pls email me ur room rates..

2011-03-14 18:06:55
marilou says:

can i ask for your room rates and facilities. also, do you still have available rooms on april 9-11, 2010. thanx

2011-03-14 18:05:48
cleah mae says:

can i ask for info of the place? roomrates, services. etc.. need it asap.. tanx

2011-03-14 18:03:15
karen says:

ask for room rate from apr 1 - 3

2011-03-14 17:54:28
Junrey says:

can you pls email me your room rates? we'll be there by 1/24 afternoon.

2011-03-13 23:50:48
arlene says:

can u pls e-mail me your room rates...tnx

2011-04-05 12:46:26
analiza says:

mangkot lang ko kon pila ang room rate nyo last week sang march

2011-03-13 23:50:10
Leny says:

kindly give us rates for 3days/2nites package ... april travel pty of 50 adults

2010-01-03 01:26:36
Olga says:

can you send me your contact number and pricelist?

2010-01-03 01:26:35
darlenee says:

can u gave us ur rate per room and some pictures of ur resorts

2010-01-03 01:26:35
jasper says:

hi pwede mka pangayo room rates and info? thnx

2010-01-03 01:26:35
Rikki says:

what's your rate for 2 nights Sept 26-28?

2010-01-03 01:26:35
kristine says:

hello!please send me your room rates for the month of august... thank you!

2010-01-03 01:26:35
benedict says:

can you pls email me of your rates. i'm planning to go there around may. thank you

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Lyra says:

Hi, would like to inquire on your room rates for 2 people, check in morning of May 30, check out May 31. Also, how do we get there from iloilo city. thanks

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Belen says:

Good Day! We are interested in visiting you resort to go this April 11, can you give us your tariff and location of your resort and how long it would take us to reach your resort from Iloilo. Thanks! Belen See

2010-01-03 01:26:34
Yen says:

how much are your rooms?

2010-01-03 01:26:34
kat says:

hi! we are planning to stay in guimaras this sept. can you give us your room rates, info and some pictures of your resort? thanks!

2010-01-03 01:26:34
john says:

hi! pwede kapangayo sang room rates & pictures & infos sa resort nyo. muchas gracias

2010-01-03 01:26:34
federico says:

hoping to see a great place

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